About Us

Back in 2003, the owner got started with just a t-shirt...

You see, when he was young, he loved playing sports.  Basketball, softball and football, whatever he can get his hands on.  This eventually evolved to playing with my friends and into organized competition in college.  He remember putting on my first uniform and thought to myself -  

"Wow, I'm a member of something and putting this on feels great!"

It was also expensive though, considering it was only a t-shirt with a logo...  he looked into local vendors to supply their team with personalized apparel.

So he looked into alternatives, partnering up with a local decoration shops and a t-shirt supplier to outfit his team. 

Several years later, PromoStadium formed, with more suppliers and more decoration shops. Now we provide custom apparel, personalized drinkware, logo bags... anything brandable nation-wide.

It's not easy finding quality and affordable products and services... trust me, he looked. That is why we're thankful for choosing us!  Over the years things change, but this company will always be dedicated to delivering great products. We are committed to making purchasing fast, easy, and affordable, and to helping you promote your business or event in a way that feels authentic to you.



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